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Access to The Bureau's credit information and ratings are available through membership subscription.

The Bureau offers three categories of membership - SMEs, Financial Institutions (FIs) and Credit Grantors. Our membership is open to the following:

For SMEs and Credit Grantors
  • Any company registered with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM);
  • Any business registered with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM);
  • Any business registered with any other relevant government authority.
For Financial Institutions
  • Any financial institution that has the necessary license, permit, registration and/or approval issued under BAFIA, the IBA, the Development Financial Institutions Act, 2002 or under any applicable legislations by any governmental or regulatory agencies to operate and conduct its business;
  • Any financial institution participating in BNM Facilities for information sharing, i.e. Central Credit Reference information System (CCRIS) and Dishonoured Cheques Information System (DCHEQS), established under the CBA.
and, is able to fulfill the terms and conditions as outlined in our Subscription Agreement, Code of Conduct (for FIs and Credit Grantors) and Compliance Guidelines (for SMEs).

To date, The Bureau has over 27,000 SME members and 38 FI members, comprising Commercial Banks, Islamic Banks and Development Banks.

Please select the membership categories (i.e. SMEs, Financial Institutions or Credit Grantors) relevant to you for further details.
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